DUI — Driving Under the Influence

From first time offenders to those with multiple DUI convictions, we represent all types of clients. If you get multiple drunk driving charges, it becomes more likely that you will face jail time or have a felony DUI on your record. That’s why having a strong defense attorney can make all the difference.

We know what to look for to prepare a strong DUI defense. We analyze police records, test results, police interview recordings and all other information to determine:

  • Did the police have a legal basis to pull you over?
  • Did police perform the field sobriety tests according to state law and regulation?
  • Were you observed for the required amount of time prior to taking the Breathalyzer?
  • Were the testing machines maintained and functioning properly?

Our approach to each DUI case is simple:

  1. Learn: We gather every piece of information we need to build a successful case for you
  2. Explain: We explain the law to you in terms you can understand
  3. Create: We develop a roadmap of your case so you can see where it’s going
  4. Advise: We give honest and straightforward advice based on your facts and your goals
  5. Advocate: We put our plan into action and work toward the best outcome for you